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Recruitment Services

At Executive Viewpoint Recruitment, we tailor our services to meet your company's needs and hiring process as closely as possible. Our team of recruiters has worked with candidates of all backgrounds, specializations, and levels of career advancement. 

Understanding Your Needs

Our process starts with understanding what your team needs in a candidate to fill the missing mission-critical functions. We focus on isolating the key skills the new hire will need to help your team achieve its goals. As needed, we also work with hiring managers to refine job descriptions and recommend compensation levels.

Pre-Screening Candidates

By the time we submit the finalists to you, we've usually already been in communication with hundreds of potential candidates from across the country and prescreened the list down to those that are the closest fit for your team's needs. This prescreen is done by experienced recruiters and is never left to "robots" or automated systems.  

Offer Negotiations

Once your team has selected the candidate they would like to move forward with, our recruiters will present the offer to the candidate and work with them to accept the offer. Where relocation is needed, we work with candidates on cost of living differences, the relocation process and the timing that would be required.

Casting a Very Wide Net

We then reach out to our extensive talent pool. We cast a very wide net to ensure we find the right fit. We don't try to force a square peg into a round hole. We avoid such inclinations by going very wide and then narrowing down the list. This means reaching out to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential candidates filtering from there.

Interviews and Feedback

Once your team has determined which candidates they would like to interview, our recruiters work with you to get interview availabilities from candidates, schedule phone, video and in-person interviews, and provide candidates feedback so that your team does not need to handle any of the candidates that were rejected.  

Getting the Candidate Started

Once a candidate has accepted your team's offer, we remain available to act as a liaison between you and the candidate to move them quickly through any pre-employments steps such as physicals, drug screens, etc. If they are relocating, we will work with them to ensure things go smoothly from their side. 

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